Although the word “hot” is a synonym for hip, in or trendy, in terms of fashions, in this case I mean it literally: experience a road trip through the silence and vastness of the desert regions of this earth. Who would have thought it possible that of all the unfriendly wastelands on the planet, seemingly uninhabitable landscapes could become the inspiration for new living trends? 

Photo by Boris Ulzibat and Trang Nguyen

Nomad Chic

The golden sand dunes of the Sahara are magical and full of sublime beauty. It is the home of the Bedouins and Berbers, nomadic tribes, who to this day ride camels through the desert and pitch their tents with colourful woven kilims with geometric patterns and fluffy Berber rugs on the floor in oases under date palms at night. This trend is dominated by bright colours such as cream, sandy beige and stony grey. Accessories made of natural materials such as woven baskets or macramé pendants bring summer moods into the home. Orientalism, luxuriously interspersed with gold, silver and copper. Inspirations.

Photos by Josh Hemsley and Ramin Khatibi

Desert modern

The dramatic geographic environment of the Colorado desert in southern California inspired visionary architects such as Richard Neutra, Albert Frey, and William F. Cody in the mid-20th century to create a minimalist design aesthetic that is now referred to as desert modernity. The mecca of mid-century desert architecture is Palm Springs. These designs adapt to the climatic conditions of the desert: the temperature differences between day and night are high, the summer is hot and the winter is cold, and the solar radiation is very strong. The low-vegetation landscapes, with their sandy areas and bizarre rock formations, are reminiscent of the surface of other planets. The simple, reduced design reflects the sparseness of the desert. As a place of solitude, the desert is also a space to explore one’s soul, to recognize oneself, to transform and to heal oneself. Inspirations.

Photos by Ivars Krutainis and Roman Raizen


The desert states of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada in the South-Western United States, and the cultural heritage of their aboriginal peoples, determine this trend. Inspired by the geometric patterns of Native American crafted items such as blankets, baskets, and pottery. Along with rugs and textiles, these objects add a touch of wild-west aesthetics to the casual desert style, blending sand and earth with black and white. Buffalo skulls are an important decorative element that relate both to the desert and to the culture of the Indians, for whom the buffaloes formed the basis of life and are therefore worshipped in their sacred ceremonies. All plants that grow in the extremely dry desert, such as cacti, succulents and palm trees, are ideal indoor plants and give the ambience an authentic flair. The typical saguaro cactus, with its wide arms, is a feature of the landscape of the southern regions of the United States, and serves as a very popular motif for print patterns. Inspirations.