The year starts with important lifestyle fairs featuring interior products. The Heimtextil is a source of inspiration and the IMM a revelation. Please follow me on my expedition through five trend themes.

Photos by rawpixel

Pursue Play

In our meritocracy we tend to consider play as a pastime or childish activities. And yet play is a mode of being human and a fundamental part of our well-being. While play is an activity, playfulness is an attitude; it’s the state of mind, of mindfulness, of connection, of responsiveness and of giving oneself over to the moment. Playfulness is one of the core characteristics of being creative. All creative acts are forms of play, and with play comes a sense of humour. When it comes to design playfulness doesn’t mean an arabesque style, but humorous unexpected combinations. In this trend interiors look like playground and furniture reminds us of toys. Vital primary colours are combined with washed-out pastels spreading optimism. My designs for children are also meant for adults who are young at heart.

Photos by Matthew Kosloski and by Berkeli Alashov

Seek Sanctuary

Originally sanctuary was a sacred space; nowadays it can refer to any place where people go for peaceful tranquility or retreat. These places might be our home or a beautiful spot in nature. The interiors are clean and functional but warm and cozy at the same time. This minimalistic trend reflects a mindful and responsible approach to nature and its resources, with love for natural and handmade imperfection. It encourages the connection of people with the earth. This style works on muted colours and natural hues, like neutral greys, rosé and white, and mixing light and transparent material such as silk and linen. The quest for mental wellbeing does not necessarily exclude technologies. Mental health apps offer therapeutic techniques and guided meditations addressing everything from depression to eating disorder recovery, anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and more, giving the individuals the spaces to clear out the mental clutter and find their own truth.

Photos by Karina Tes and Wilmer Martinez

Escape Reality
Visionary science fiction ideas have become reality. The boundaries between the real and the digital world are blurring. Smart products are part of our everyday life. We talk to a virtual assistant like to a friend. The influencer Lilmiquela is an Instagram star with 570 k followers, but she is an avatar, a computer generated figure. Metallic, iridescent and reflecting surfaces and gradients create a futuristic yet subtle design. The sensual play of the daylight is imitated by transparent materials and shimmering colors like soft blue, rose and lilac. Another color palette combines neutral tones with intensive yellow and fuchsia (seen by Trends in Contract by Trevira CS). It is a poetic approach to a magical dreamworld of a futuristic fairytail where unicorns and mermaids come alive.

Photos by Štefan Štefančík and Tevei Renvoyé

Embrace Indulgence

Triggered by a mood of discomfort with the present, we feel an indefinite transfigured yearning for the return to the good old times. This bold, richly decorative style, is a mixture of elements from previous historical styles, in particular Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern (1930-1965), but comes with a contemporary twist. The extravagant elegance is created by the use of precious materials such as velvet, brass and marble, and a curvy and sculptural design language. Almost iconic is the use of the arch shape and rippled surfaces. Saturated colours, such as a lovely deep emerald green and deep night blue, combined with elegant antique pink, are used in geometric and dark lush tropical patterns with palms and exotic animals.

Photos by Simon Migaj and Clem Onojeghuo

Off Grid

I have already described the ideas of the trend theme Off Grid in my article „Wanderlust 2.0“ in my blog. I would like to add that the damp and lush mood of various green hues was the shade most used by the manufactures of furniture, IMM, Cologne. The most important concern of humanity today is the protection of the environment for the future and to reconnect with nature. The sound of bird song pleases our hearts and serves as a balm for the soul. The even sound of pattering rain soothes our mind and helps us to get in harmony. Camouflage patterns and net optics determine this trend, but the ethnic patterns of indigenous peoples can also be used to express our respect for the earth.

I will stay on track for new ideas on the upcoming fairs Christmasworld/Paperworld and Ambiente.