Outside it is 30° C and I have just finished the Christmas collection for 2019. The pictures illustrate my christmas trend theme “Joy, Love, Peace”. It smells of cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and vanilla. Christmas is in the air. Sweets of all kinds, such as gingerbread, chocolates and candy canes, are offered. The sound of little bells clang and chime in classic, as well modern, Christmas carols. The sweetness of emotions and joyful memories are captured by lustrous colorful hues such as lemon, pink, tangerine, and rose, making Christmas a feast of joy. Fine humorous designs delight soul and heart. Please find out more about the other themes “Nordic Winter” and “Tradition” here.

Nordic winter

This theme is a ramble through the colors, textures and patterns of a winter landscape. Barren trees give inspiration for sophisticated, graphical illustrations. Snow white, bark tones and stone grey create an atmosphere of silence, stillness and reflection in which you can find peace and relaxation from the hectic day-to-day stress. Wild animals like roes, squirrels, and even bears roam through the forests and express our deep desire to reunite with nature. The designs are stylized, silhouetted and detailed.


Traditions are rituals which have handed down from generation to generation. Christmas wouldn’t be christmas if people didn’t refer to these customs/habits. Some traditions vary from family to family; others from country to country. There are some which are very common all over the world; there’s the installing and decorating of the Christmas tree, the story of Santa Claus and the giving and receiving of presents. Influenced by Hollywood, American traditions find their way into our lives such as the Christmas elves, which make the toys and take care of the reindeer. The traditional colors of christmas are red and green, and by using traditional Christmas symbols and colors it is possible to interpret the festive season in a modern way, and still get into the holiday spirit.