Coral Living

Pantone, authority for colors, has announced the color of the year 2019, which represents the zeitgeist: Living Coral. A bright, warm shade of not-yet-pink and not-yet-orange. The name suggests colorful underwater worlds and appeals to our responsibility to protect these sensitive ecosystems. Coral Living conveys optimism, joie de vivre and spontaneity. The longing for a sunny holiday on a paradise island with exotic flowers, fruits and an extravagant bird life such as hibiscus, papaya and flamingo are awakened, and we feel the energizing effect of a sunrise. This color is particularly popular in the beauty industry, because it flatters almost every skin tone. In addition, Pantone offers five color worlds around Coral Living: Focal Point, Shimmering Sunset, Sympatico, Trippy and Under the Sea.

Trick or treat?

As the nights get darker, it’s the time of the year to enjoy ghost stories and trashy horror movies. My personal favourite film is Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, originally narrated by Helena Bonham Carter as a young charismatic zombie bride, Jonny Deep as the fiancé, and Christopher Lee, world-famous as Dracula from the movie of the same name. Which horror movie do you prefer?

In Europe, Halloween is not so common, but in America it is very popular, because they have trick-or-treat, the tradition of dressing up in ghoulish costumes and going door-to-door asking for sweets. This custom may come from the belief that supernatural beings or the souls of the dead roamed the earth at this time of year and must be placated with food and drink. Therefore, the trend has developed to create funny Halloween snacks in the form of skulls, mummies, spiders, monsters and ghosts for the party. As a designer, I love developing Halloween designs because they walk a fine line between being both scary and cute, and also because it’s a celebration that unites fantasy, creativity and mystique.



Offline is becoming the new luxury. And where better to go offline than in the remoteness of the wilderness on less travelled paths. We seek unity with nature to rediscover ourselves and the world and explore our boundaries. The designs show stylized landscapes, mountains and forests, using the graphic signs of the maps for trees and mountains. Even animals, such as the fox and bear, are drawn with sparing lines. A source of inspiration for this theme is the movie Moonrise Kingdom, which gives the whole thing a vintage look. The colour palette ranges from fir and sage green to earth tones and ochre. Popular accessories for this theme are enamel mugs, travel journals and backpacks. Discover more inspiration on the subject of ‘Wanderlust’.


Joy, Love, Peace

Outside it is 30° C and I have just finished the Christmas collection for 2019. The pictures illustrate my christmas trend theme „Joy, Love, Peace“. It smells of cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and vanilla. Christmas is in the air. Sweets of all kinds, such as gingerbread, chocolates and candy canes, are offered. The sound of little bells clang and chime in classic, as well modern, Christmas carols. The sweetness of emotions and joyful memories are captured by lustrous colorful hues such as lemon, pink, tangerine, and rose, making Christmas a feast of joy. Fine humorous designs delight soul and heart. Please find out more about the other themes „Nordic Winter“ and „Tradition“ here.



Surprise! Surprise! Did you expect Ultra Violet to be the color of the year 2018? I am looking forward to finding this color on products, patterns and fashion.

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