This trend theme matches the color of the year by PPG „Night Watch“ perfectly. It pairs well with the knowledge that „We are nature“. One source of inspiration is the film „Moonrise kingdom“. It adds a mid-century touch.

Joy, Love, Peace

Outside it is 30° C and I have just finished the Christmas collection for 2019. The pictures illustrate my christmas trend theme „Joy, Love, Peace“. It smells of cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and vanilla. Christmas is in the air. Sweets of all kinds, such as gingerbread, chocolates and candy canes, are offered. The sound of little bells clang and chime in classic, as well modern, Christmas carols. The sweetness of emotions and joyful memories are captured by lustrous colorful hues such as lemon, pink, tangerine, and rose, making Christmas a feast of joy. Fine humorous designs delight soul and heart. Please find out more about the other themes „Nordic Winter“ and „Tradition“ here.



Surprise! Surprise! Did you expect Ultra Violet to be the color of the year 2018? I am looking forward to finding this color on products, patterns and fashion.

Happy Easter!

This is crazy about my job, no matter what season it is I’m working on christmas patterns. As soon as christmas is over and no one else can see it anymore there is a fair „Christmasworld“ in February in Frankfurt, Germany and the production for christmas items starts again. For christmas 2018 I focus on Northern folk and gingerbread cookies.

About me

I am a textile designer and I am in love with colors and patterns. I like to explore the newest trends which I revealed in my new book.

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